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What is a Therapeutic Assessment (TA)?

At the Minnesota Center for Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment, Dr. David specializes in conducting psychological evaluations that help people understand themselves better, and the approach typically leads to new insights and growth. Much like a traditional psychological evaluation, interviewing and testing occur, and the information is used for identifying diagnoses and planning treatment. However, following principles grounded in research, clients become active participants in the evaluation process and work with the evaluator in a highly collaborative relationship to make sense of the psychological test results. At the end of a Therapeutic Assessment (TA), clients often feel more prepared to take the next steps in their lives.

The process begins with a brief telephone discussion, during which some basic background information will be gathered and the approach will be further explained. Before a client begins a TA, it is important to ensure the timing is right and the approach is a good fit. In addition, payment and logistical questions can be discussed.

Currently, we are accepting referrals for adults (18+) or adolescent (13-17) aged clients.

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