Dr. David provides individual and family therapy on a limited basis to adults and teens. His approach to therapy is highly collaborative and he believes that creating a trusting connection with clients is paramount. His approach is integrative, combining aspects of problem-solving therapies such a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), with more humanistic and emotionally focused approaches. He believes all individuals have an innate ability to improve their lives and sees therapy as a collaborative journey working towards the client’s goals.


Forensic Assessment

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Dr. David also specializes in the forensic evaluation of juveniles. He primarily conducts Psychosexual Evaluations and Competency to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility Evaluations (MN Rules 20.01 & 20.02). Individuals who have been court ordered to complete an evaluation with Dr. David are typically contacted by him after he receives the court order. Individuals referred by an attorney should email or call Dr. David to determine logistics.


Traditional Psychological Evaluations

At times individuals need a psychological evaluation that is more aligned with traditional clinical evaluations. Such evaluation and psychological reports are often useful if a decision needs to be made about an individual for specific services such as residential treatment or Developmental Disability services. Those who believe such an evaluation is warranted should contact Dr. David to determine the pros and cons of a traditional evaluation versus a Therapeutic Assessment.