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I am an out of network provider, but most services can be submitted for out of network reimbursement if you so choose. The Financial Contract includes information about fees and the billing process. On the Forms page you will find a copy of my Financial Contract and a Guide for Out of Network (OON) reimbursement. 

While payment may be made at the beginning of a session with cash or check, all clients must have a credit card on file. I utilize Ivy Pay, which is a credit card payment system designed specifically for mental health providers. 


I will provide a Super Bill that contains all of the dates of service, billing codes and other necessary information that you can submit directly to your insurance company. Your insurance company will send any payments to you.

Psychotherapy Clients

Clients engaging in psychotherapy will typically first participate in an initial Diagnostic Assessment, followed by therapy sessions, which are most often 45 minutes in duration. Sessions will be billed via credit card following each appointment. The costs of different types of therapy sessions is listed on the Financial Contract document, but most sessions are $175.00.

Therapeutic Assessment/Psychological Evaluation Clients

Clients engaging in a traditional psychological evaluation or a Therapeutic Assessment will be quoted a flat rate after the initial session or phone call. If the final cost exceeds what is initially agreed upon, those services will be provide pro-bono. If the final amount is determined to be less than estimated, the total cost will be re-established and if necessary, funds will be refunded.  


Once a client agrees to participate in testing, 1/4 will be charged after the first meeting, with the remaining amounts charged quarterly through the process. 

Typically, a TA costs between $3800 and $4500, but more complex cases may require additional tests which raises the fee.  For those clients who find the cost prohibitive, it is possible to tailor a TA to be smaller in scope with fewer tests, but this may also lead to an outcome that is less comprehensive than what might occur if more tests were administered.  

Clients seeking Forensic Psychological Evaluations should contact me to discuss cost. Note that some Forensic Psychological Evaluations may not be reimbursed by your insurance company.

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