Brief Therapeutic Assessment

Information for Adult Clients

Until the end of 2021, a discounted price is being offered on Brief Therapeutic Assessments (TA).  In contrast to the full TA model, a Brief TA is shorter in duration and may be more financially viable for some clients. Despite being briefer, this is an opportunity for clients to build insight and sharpen the focus of their therapy work.  

Structure and Format

Clients will meet with Dr. David on three occasions.


1. A 30 minute telephone call or virtual meeting to explain the process and gather some information.

2.  A two-hour appointment in the office or virtually. During that appointment, Dr. David will help clients identify two questions they hope to get answered through testing and clients will complete two psychological tests in the office. 

3. A second two-hour appointment during which another test will be administered, and then the test results will be discussed to answer the client’s questions. 

Approximately four weeks later, clients will receive a highly personalized letter that summarizes the test results with some suggestions.

Client Questions

During the initial telephone call, Dr. David will help clients think through what questions might be appropriate for this assessment process. 


Given this is a brief process, complex questions such as “Do I have ADHD?” or “Am I on the Autism spectrum?” cannot be addressed. However, often clients have questions related to issues they have been addressing in therapy such as, “What is contributing to my anxiety?” or “What more can I do to build healthy relationships?” or “Where should my therapist and I focus our discussions?"


The cost of a Brief TA is typically $1,600.00, but until the end of 2021 it is $1,200.00. 

Next Steps

Interested clients and referring professionals should email Dr. David through the contact page to coordinate the first step or get your questions answered. 

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