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Virtual Therapeutic Assessment

Since the COVID era began, great strides have been made when it comes to conducting psychological testing virtually and Raja has conducted over 20 Therapeutic Assessments in this fashion.  He also published an empirical case study that demonstrated that the model can be efficacious when conducted virtually.

While some psychological tests still require in-person administration, it is possible to answer some client questions without such tests and face to face appointments. 

Therapeutic Assessment outside of Minnesota

Raja has been a licensed psychologist in Minnesota since 2004, and has the authority to practice telepsychology through PSYPACT, which ensures psychologists meet certain requirements to practice out of state. The map below identifies the 27 states where Raja can provide services. 


Out of state providers or potential clients should contact Raja to see whether a virtual Therapeutic Assessment might be a good choice. 

Psypact states.JPG
Video Conference
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